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With a heavy focus on lyrics and storytelling, Grace's songs flow between Country, Americana, and Pop sounds.  Enjoy a sample of their original writing in the videos featured below.

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Mary Jane

Mary Jane

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Shaping My Heart

Shaping My Heart

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Playlist 1: Co-Write Demos features songs that Grace has co-authored.

Playlist 2: Solo Writes featured songs crafted 100% by Grace.

These demos are the original recordings of songs still pending release. 


Songs written by Grace, recorded and released by other artists.  Available on all major streaming platforms.

"Body Heat," co-written by Grace Burgess and Liam Muckala/a.k.a. MAIL. Produced by Liam Muckala.  Released 03/22/2019.

"Study Me," co-written by Grace Burgess, Camryn Bowcutt, and Liam Muckala. 

Produced by Liam Muckala.  Released 06/23/2019. 

"Two Way Street," co-written by Liv Nicholson, Meghan Garrison, Eric Vattima, and Grace Burgess.

Produced by Marcus Vandeyacht, mindflightrecords. Released 06/28/2019. 

"Windows Down," co-written by Grace Burgess and Mitchell Wade Harper. Released 08/20/2020. 


Fan-favorite original Grace Burgess song quotes.

"I've got to stop setting fires when all I want is a spark."

- It's Been One Week

"Mary Jane had more game than an NFL quarterback;

 She went around that high school faster than the flu."

-  Mary Jane

"Quit acting like I am some masterpiece;

It's like there's a sign saying

'Look At Me, But Don't Touch, Please!'"

- Study Me 

"We made enough small talk

To fill the space between our lips..."

- Benefits

"I'm spending the night, but she still has a key...

I'm renting your heart, but it's hers to keep..."

- Something Borrowed And Something Blue

"You're a good, good Father;

I'm a prodigal son;

You keep giving me grace

Even when I run."

- Even When I Run

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